Hamilton County Office of Reentry - virtual reentry simulation

Reentry Week starts April 26th. Registration for the reentry simulation hosted by the Hamilton County Office of Reentry is now closed, please consider attending one or more reentry events listed below.

Getting and Keeping the Job: Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Employment

Presented by: Eric Willoughby, UCCI Research Associate
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 27 at 11:00 AM ET (duration 60 minutes)

This session will briefly examine recently published literature surrounding justice involved individuals and the hardships faced upon reentry. With these adversities in mind, UCCI designed the Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Employment (CBI-EMP) curriculum to assist justice involved individuals in the need area of employment. This program integrates cognitive-behavioral interventions with more traditional employment approaches and teaches individuals how to identify and manage high risk situations related to obtaining and maintaining employment.

Helping Individuals Support Successful Reentry for Justice-Involved Individuals

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Pealer, UCCI Research Fellow
Date/Time: Friday, April 30 at 9:00 AM ET (duration 60 minutes)

This session will examine the research on training and incorporating prosocial mentors for the justice-involved population. Many mentors have not been versed in evidence-based practices and do not know how to provide prosocial supports to this population. This session will focus on discussing the Effective Practices for Community Support for Influencers (EPICS-I) model which was developed to teach influencers how to support behavioral change in others. Techniques such as identifying and replacing risky thinking with more positive thoughts, showing and rehearsing alternative behaviors and practicing problem solving skills will be reviewed. The presentation will also focus on barriers working with support personnel.

Additional resources & webinars can be found at: https://nationalreentryresourcecenter.org/events/reentry-week.

Posted on 04/25/2021